Chitters, the redesigned Furby squirrel

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Sugar Cookie Moon

     He had been the most important thing in her life, and now he was gone.  Fate could be so cruel sometimes.  You'd coast along, pieces of the puzzle known as life falling into proper place, creating a false sense of security.  Then WHAM! destruction in the twinkling of an eye.

     Henrietta Cooper grimaced at the body parts now liberally covering the tile floor in her kitchen.  If only she'd been more careful none of this would have happened.  It was remarkable how a person took for granted that a common every day spoon was harmless.  Proof to the contrary lay at her feet.  Henri couldn't have felt more like a murderess.

     Making matters worse, she was faced with cleaning up the horrid mess.  It would be a stroke of good luck if she didn't end up with blood on her hands.

     Grimacing prematurely, the thirty-one year old woman began picking up fragments of her fallen hero.  Naturally her mind wandered back in time, to when she'd stood before that hero, in awe of his massive shoulders, bulging muscles, narrow waist, slim hips and powerful looking legs.  She had stirred her hot chocolate too rapidly and the liquid sloshed onto her fingers.  Leaping backwards with a yelp, shoving the cup away from herself, the spoon clenched in her hand actually knocked the nose right off her hero's face.  That is when he tipped over backwards and crashed to the floor.  The nine-hundred and ten glass containers that Henri had so laboriously super glued together had shattered.  John Wayne, her cowboy hero, no longer existed.